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Loving and Nurturing
Our now 8 month old daughter has been attending this location since she was 3 months old and we could not be happier. From the very first day the staff were organized, professional, and caring. In fact, they called us twice on our daughter's first day to let us know how she was doing. I cannot overstate how kind and loving they are to the children at this location, while still managing a safe instructional environment. Ms. Shea, Ms. Holly, and Ms. Hazel love their jobs so much and it's obvious how much they love working with these children. They relish every opportunity to get into the classrooms and spend time with their children playing, learning, and getting to know them. This is evident because they really do KNOW their students by name, not just by face. Our classroom teachers (currently Ms. Gloria, Ms. Beverley, and Ms. Mary-Francis) have been extraordinary. They leave us detailed notes about her well being throughout the day and take time to talk with us each morning / afternoon. Every time I am there the teachers are actively engaged with the children: feeding, playing, spending time outside on nice days, talking to them, etc. Our child is always happy and excited to see her teachers and classmates every day. She smiles, giggles, and wiggles joyfully upon seeing her teachers every morning. I spend my workdays with peace of mind because I know my child is receiving quality care and instruction from the staff at Kids R Kids. They exude a passion and love for working with children from the moment you walk in and greet you. I hope you will give them a chance because this is a rare and special place.
A. Geocaris
Home away from home
Kids R Kids has become a "home away from home"for my two young children. I was blessed to be a stay-at -home-mommy until this past year. Very anxious, and somewhat apprehensive, I began my search for a school and staff that offered the level of love, attention and education that had become so important in our home. After interviewing several childcare facilities, I knew Kids R Kids is where my children belong. The staff is professional and gracious, the curriculum is fun and interactive, the facility is safe, clean and well maintained, the classrooms are large and the projects many. They help my elementary age child with homework, give parents weekly updates, and offer extra curricular activities as well. My children are doing wonderfully, and they have grown to love their teachers and staff. I thank Kids R Kids for living up to their mission and offering an environment where my children are growing, learning and thriving! Leslie Downs
Leslie Downs
Home away from home!
Our daughter has attended Kids R Kids of Woodstock since October 2012, and our son started about two years later when he was 12 weeks old. The teachers are wonderful, caring, and obviously love the kids in their care just as much as the kids love them! Our daughter is full of stories every afternoon when I pick her up, and I’m always amazed at how much she is learning in her class. This past winter was a challenge for all of us in the Atlanta area; during the horrific snow and ice storm I was stranded many miles away and couldn’t get to my kids to pick them up from school. Several of the teachers stayed overnight with a handful of kids until their parents could get to the school the next day. I was a complete wreck by the time I got to my kids about 30 hours after dropping them off the previous day, but my kids were as happy as could be and excited about their sleepover with the teachers! Knowing my kids were safe and being cared for with love made a world of difference. I will forever be grateful to the teachers and directors at Kids R Kids! HUGE thanks go to all of the teachers that care of my kids: Ms. Beth, Ms. Brittany, Ms. Casey, Ms. Carla, Ms. Beverly, Ms. Shea, Ms. Hazel, and all others that pitch in as needed!
Sarah and Ryan Jones
Great Hands!
I cannot say enough good things about Kids R Kids #5! Each and every teacher is so caring and their education focused curriculum has been so beneficial to my daughter. I feel comfortable going to work each day KNOWING she is in such great hands!
Amanda Gantt
Doesn't want to leave...
My son has been at Kids R Kids #5 Woodstock since he was 12 weeks old and he is now 2. I don't know what we would have done without the wonderful teachers he has had along the way! They have helped mold him into the smart, funny, polite, handsome little boy he is today! When I pick up my son, he doesn't want to leave; which assures me that he is great hands while I am at work. Each and every one of his teachers will always have a special place in my heart! Jodi Hendrixson
Jodi Hendrixson
Great Ride!
My wife and I wanted to send our appreciation to each of you for your hard work throughout this difficult winter season; it certainly has had its challenges! All that said, we know we selected a great place for Sarah to go each day. She's been at Kids R Kids #5 Woodstock since infancy and times just keep getting better! We rest assured each day knowing that she is in a clean, well run facility with a staff of teachers that care for her education, well being and sense of belonging at this impressionable age. As she graduates from Pre-K this spring, we will be sure to say wonderful things about Ms. Shea, Ms. Hazel, Ms. Briana and Ms. Holly. It has bee a great ride! Greg and Kathryn L'Amoreaux
Greg and Kathryn L'Amoreaux
On our way home tonight we passed some police cars that were helping out a disabled van on the interstate. Just then AJ, our five year old, proceeds to tell me that if there's ever an emergency, that you should dial 9 - 1- 1 on the telephone. Maybe I shouldn't have been, but I was blown away. We hadn't touched on this subject yet because we thought it was too soon and he might not understand the concept. He continued, "that if there is ever a fire you shouldn't hide because the firefighters will not be able to find you". Furthermore, he continues, "if you do catch on fire you should stop, drop and roll!" I was amazed still and very impressed with how he's understood and retained what he has been taught. Please convey my thanks and admiration to your teachers. JP and Michele Romeo
JP Romeo
Kids R Kids #5 is a wonderful daycare because they love, educate and have fun with the children. My daughter has been going to this location since she was 10 weeks old. She will be beginning Pre-K in the Fall. We are thankful we found this childcare center! Kellie Bethea 3/26/12
Brian and Kellie Bethea - GA
My child has attended Kids R Kids #5 (Springfield Dr., Woodstock, GA.) for almost 4 years. A very family oriented daycare center that makes learning fun for my little one! I am fortunate to have found such committed and loving caregivers!
Rob and Donna Crider - GA
We LOVE it!
We have been at Kids R Kids from a young age, up through the GA Pre-K program and even over summer camp. We have been nothing but pleased with the programs! Beyond the school day, they offer a lot of thoughtful activities regularly for the entire family throughout the year. From discounts to local restaurants to the FREE and extensive Fall Festival to breakfast for the parents to parades around the school to Spaghetti Dinner to Parents Night Out, there are numerous opportunities to interract and to be involved! From the personalized greeting in the morning to the end of the day hugs, the staff at Kids R Kids is dedicated to caring for each child and family. Any issues that have arisen (from either us or the center)have been communicated and addressed. The door is always open and I feel very welcome to come visit and help in the classroom at any time. I LOVE the video cameras in the classroom that allow me to peek in throughout the day and check. So, when I go to pick them up, I know to ask my daughter about the blue piece of paper she was working on or discuss with my son why he was sitting at a table by himself at center time. Now that my daughter is in Kindergarten, I went through a definite withdrawl not being able to check in and see the activities of the day commencing or being welcome at all times. Thank you KIDS R KIDS!
Greg and Andria McCarty - GA
Out daughter Lily Anne has attended Kids R Kids,(407 Springfield Dr, Woodstock,GA)since she was 5 months old. Lily Anne is now 2 years and 10 months now. We cannot say enough about the owners and staff of OUR Kids R Kids daycare. Lily Anne has several medical conditions that have made her early childhood care more challenging. Everyone at Kids R Kids has been incredibly supportive, understanding, and helpful in attending to her unique needs. Many have taken time out of their personal lives to come see Lily when she was in the hospital. Julie and I feel blessed to have found this day care and would recommend them to anyone! We recently moved slightly further away, but we still will only bring Lily Anne to this daycare. Everyone treats our child as if she were their own. Mrs. Hazel Woodard (Owner), Shea Latocha (Director), Ashley Evans (Baby Room), Gloria Villanueva (Toddler Room), Holly Mackie (Twos room) and Ruby Maltese in the tree year old room, and everyone at this location have been a blessing to our family and we feel lucky to have found them. Sincerely, Justin and Julie Bannister
Justin and Julie Bannister - GA
Many Thanks!
As a single mother, I cannot take all of the credit for the awesome young lady my daughter is becoming. The entire staff at Kids R Kids in Woodstock have embraced my daughter. She is thriving intellectually and socially, and I am at ease with her being it their care while I am at work. "Watch Me Grow" is a wonderful perk as well since my daughter`s Father and Grandparents live out of State, they can watch her daily interactions with her Teachers and friends. Thank you to everyone at Kids R Kids for loving and nurturing both of us!
Emily Siek - GA
Just wanted u guys to have a typed version of... April Moss Just wanted u guys to have a typed version of my testimonial in case you wanted to use it and not have to re-type it. It`s long! Truly for the bottom of our hearts we thank u for all u do. April: Kids R Kids in Woodstock was recommended to us by my babys therapists. As soon as we visited and toured the facility, we knew it was the right fit for us. My daughter has special needs and we were extremely leery of allowing just anyone to care for her. Also we needed to find a place where her therapy needs would be met. Not only do they allow the therapists to come in and work with her 3 times per week, but the teachers do therapy exercises with her on a daily basis. Developmentally she has blossomed in the 6 months of being at Kids R Kids and I cannot tell you how much that means to us. The teachers encourage, inspire, and motivate her to meet her full potential then send home a daily progress report of her new accomplishments. We LOVE Kids R Kids and highly recommend them to everyone with babies or young children. We are so thankful to have a place where our baby is loved, cared for, and she can thrive. Lastly, I must admit that it is a very nice perk to have the opportunity of watching her on the computer all day long!
Quality That Shows!
My daughter has been at Kids R Kids for about 6 months now and I have seen a drastic improvement in her even since day 1! She started off with Ms. Gloria and Ms. Cathy in the 1`s and was learning sign language, which is awesome to me. She didn`t speak much, but they started prying some words out of her through signing - I thought she was just being shy in her new surroundings. She loves seeing Ms. Ashley first thing in the morning and continues to ask for her every morning when we pull into the parking lot. She went from an in-home day care setting to Kids R Kids and she was classified as "speech delayed" at her 2 year check-up; I told Ms. Shea of my and the doctor`s concerns and seriously within just 2 weeks she was a different child! Ms. Melissa and Ms. Holly have been working with her one-on-one on her speech. It has made such a drastic difference that even our family (those that see her very often) noticed the difference in her in such a quick time frame! The teachers are very attentive to her needs as a student and my needs as a working parent. They truly show that they love my child as much as they love their own! Even when it comes to her getting hurt on the playground ; my daughter is slightly more than clumsy, but they always show her tender loving care and call me to let me know what has happened so I can make a decision on whether she needs to be seen or not, all the while reassuring me that she is okay. As a first time mom, I look to them for guidance on these things, as sometimes I freak out over the small stuff (what first time mom doesn`t, right?!). All in all, I am very grateful and thankful for these ladies, and their tremendous dedication to my daughter and others! We love them dearly!!
Erika Dame - GA
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